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Green Vision

Living Canopies Ltd strives to be a regenerative-force for a greener future that benefits people and the planet. The Challenge is immense. Our role as an environmentally driven corporation is to develop ecologically designed green technologies that make the spaces we occupy more like nature. Our products and actions will benefit the planet by reducing plastic waste, mitigating the damage that cities cause to fresh water supplies, and ameliorating the extra heat caused by concrete, asphalt and a lack of vegetation in cities. More importantly, we will set an example of how humans can creatively live a more green lifestyle that begins to reverse centuries of neglect and damage. 

In addition we use compostable sustainable packaging to the fullest extent possible. The Commercial Living Umbrella is made mostly of aluminum that can be recycled. The planter pots of the Residential Model made of 70% recycled polypropylene plastic. We are always thinking of new ways to make our products and company a stronger regenerative force.