Baltimore Sun writes about our living pergola at Mt. Washington Tavern

Mt. Washington Tavern Owner Rob Frisch likes the pretty touch his new mandevilla flowers added to his existing pergola on his Sky Bar. Living Canopies is trying out its newest product the Living Pergola, which comes with an automated solar powered watering system, at the Tavern this summer.  The red mandevilla is a tropical vine native to Brazil. In Maryland it won't survive the winter so it can't invade the natural ecosystems. It comes in pink, white, red and now apricot. Best of all its use of water is like nature's own little micromisters that releases water vapor to cool the air surrounding you.


Bring a little nature home

Bring a little nature home

Outdoor living was meant to be green, but more and more of us are living in cities that are grey and devoid of nature. We still want that green-vibe so we plan weekends away to get into nature, and spend lots of time driving to get why not bring it into everyday life? This is what drives green designers like us and that's why we created the Living Umbrella. 

The Living Umbrella is our first original green design and we want to share it with you.